Last week the east coast of Tassie came to life! a solid NE groundswell belted down the coast for 3 days!
Some nice slabby reefs turned on for the start of the swell, when it started to fade the beachies were the hot pick, although a lot of the beac

hes are pretty deep at the moment it was still a great relief from the straight handers at south arm.
I caught up with Dustin Hollick who has been training a few of the Groms around the state lately, he was on the job at a sheltered rocky beach so i swung by to grab a few images of the East coast youth in full flight, the waves were far from exceptional and the day was cut short by a southerly buster running up the coast but everyone made the most of it. Ethan Wilson and Alex Zablobzki were on hand to show the groms a thing or two, once the rain increased to hail stones we grabbed a hot chocky and bolted.

Dustin Trains the South Coast Team on Wednesday arvos around South Arm.
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