I recently heard that Leigh Steven was back in the shaping bay, I knew i had to get on this! my last custom from Stevo was until now my favourite board, it lasted around 8 years, poor thing just wouldnt die! within 5 minutes i had called Leigh and or

dered a modern fish style board, 6’0 x 20 x 2.75, short and fat! perfect for the Tassie slop, 10 days later i catch up with Leigh with not only the best looking surfboard iv ever held under my arm but the blue bullet goes crazy! more tail lift then Rosny vert ramp, it drives down the line but once on rail its as loose as you need it! on his short boards he offers a new Double edge rail, you can really feel the difference! hover the foot over the back fin your going upside down in no time! Get on this lads he certainly is a master of his craft!

Born in Tasmania in 1964 Tern Surfboards were the creation of one of Australia’s true soul surfers, Leigh Steven.
“We started off making boards under my parent’s house until the roasts started to taste of resin, then we had to move into a real factory’.

We’ve never stopped surfing and shaping boards. Over 25,000 boards later under the Steven name and Thousands of different trends in surfboard design, we’ve decided the boards we were making in the seventies were the most fun to make and the most fun to ride.


We are re creating all of the great models from the 70’s into the early 80’s using original ‘resin tint’ techniques and premium finishing. Think of it like getting your favorite album on Vinyl re mastered by the Original Artist.

Any type of Board can be custom ordered from Leigh himself… Phone or Text: 0409 489 637

Welcome back to Tern Surfboards.
Tasmanian Soul Surfing Since 1964.

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