The Tassie lads cleaned up at this year’s Oakley/ASL Big wave awards. They also put on a pretty good show that night, making the most of the free champagne.

As the Billabong XXL nominees were announced this week, the lure of another fast-paced adventure was getting the crew a little toey. The boys were checking flights to LA as Zadda was a shoe-in for a wipeout nomination. When his wave failed to appear on the XXL website as a finalist, we started trawling through the entries. In short, it looks like some sort of April Fool’s prank. Have a look for yourself, but it’s gotta beg the question… what are the criteria? Yeah it’s a wipeout and probably not the category anyone aspires to winning, but for surfing’s sake – if ya gonna do it, do it properly. So we bring a few awards home and a large percentage of Aussie nominations come from Shippies – not our fault we keep delivering. Maybe next time Kelly surfs a 10 they should knock it back a couple of points because he’s done it too many times before.

We can only assume they can’t handle the heat… Either the heat of the competition the Tassie boys provide or the sting they bring to the party. The apparent oversight on behalf of the XXL award organisers has led to a few crew discussing the possibility of a rival competition so as they say in the classics… the plate can wait.

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 6.41.25 AM

The rocking horse from Mikey Brennan on Vimeo.

Rudi Schwartz eats shit big time from TheCollective on Vimeo.

Water angle of Zadas Bomb @ 1.00 min

Stern Late May 2012 from marti paradisis on Vimeo.

Here are the 2013 finalists, amazing wipeouts! but some are not even close to the level of the above